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Sega Ragga Seggae Bhojpuri New Releases
1. Tony Farla - Sou T & Negro Pou La Vi

2. Kama Moja - Zistwar

3. Vika N Summeromance - Another Day

4. Crossbreed Supersoul - Live at the BBC Banana Beach Club

5. Grace Barbe - Kreol Daughter

6. Daniel Caliste - From My Soul, To Your Speakers

7. Rene Louise - Lady Luck

8. Ashlay Dalloo - Memories

9. Jimmy Cassel - Friends Trip

10. The Clarisse Sisters - Kaleidoscope

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A2J 4Ever
Alain Auriant
Alain Remillah
Angelito Mathieu
Art Music Ltd
Atoll Music
BEC Productions
Belier Production
Bhojpuri Baje Baje Boys

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The Clarisse Sisters - Kaleidoscope

The Clarisse Sisters - Kaleidoscope
01. Une Feuille Blanche
02. Blues qui bouge
03. Papitou
04. Tombe Leve
05. Port Louis
06. Petrusmok
07. Australis
08. Sunday Vibe
09. Guardians of Eden
10. Colors
11. Gypsy River
12. Ayo!


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